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WOLF 1834 Jewelry Boxes


An assortment of stunning designer jewelry boxes and jewelry organizers where there is something for everyone. Details that include quilted leather, applique treatments and patented Lusterloc™ keeps your jewelry safe and secured in style. 

A Legacy is Born

Every story has a beginning, ours began in 1834 with one simple concept from our visionary founder Philip Wolf, “It is logical to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality case.” Journey through the milestones of WOLF as we grew into a global brand through our commitment to honouring people’s stories and the priceless jewellery and timepieces they entrust to us.


The only image of the workshop and home of Philip Wolf I is in this painting. Hanau was in large part destroyed by British airstrikes in 1945. Home is where the heart is and certainly this is where the heart and soul of Philip developed and where the WOLF box story began.


 Two Brothers, Two Visions

Philip Wolf III and his brother Ernst took to the business at a very early age. In 1936 and now in his early 20’s Ernst decided to spread his wings to the north and so moved to Stockholm where he started his own specialised box making firm, “Stockholms Etui & Koffertfabrik”. The company continues today having been passed to Ernst’s son, Robert, who works alongside his son, Christopher.


Philip Wolf III – A masterful inventor and businessman

 Philip Wolf III designed and developed numerous new production techniques, hinges that would staple through wood and he was the inventor of the music box with turning ballerina.


1968 WOLF showcased in Selfridges, London

Harry Selfridge opened Selfridges on 15th March 1909, some 59 years later Philip Wolf IV opened what would be considered a “shop in shop” in Selfridges, a major step for the brand.The display included two full windows looking out onto Oxford Street.


July WOLF wins best booth design at the California Gift Show.


The opening of the Rock offices, showroom and distribution center

 After searching for over a year for the perfect location, WOLF selects “The Rock” for its European headquarters. Southwest of London near to Gatwick and Heathrow airports and in view of The Downs. 



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