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The Ingersoll watch brand was established way back in 1892 with a range called "Universal". Initially sold wholesale to dealers, Ingersoll watches were soon available directly by mail order. The Ingersoll name was made with the introduction of the "Yankee" in 1896, which was sold for a price of just $1, which eventually coined the phrase "the watch that made the dollar famous". The Ingersoll watch brand was the first to introduce the now iconic Mickey Mouse watch, followed throughout the years by other recognisable characters such as Betty Boop, Donald Duck, Popeye and Captain Marvel. Today Ingersoll is better known for the creation of stylish, reliable and practical everyday men's and ladies watches in a range of timeless styles that never go out of fashion. This Ingersoll watch collection features a wide range of styles and price points to suit every occasion.




See some of our ground breaking achievements below.

Robert H Ingersoll succeeded in developing an automated production line for watches. The watches were sold for the price of $1 at the time (a day’s wages).

Ingersoll increased production with the assistance of Henry Ford by creating an automated watch production line that made it easier to upscale the amount of products they could make in lesser time.

26th President Theodore Roosevelt helped Ingersoll achieve worldwide acclaim by famously being called ‘the man from the country where Ingersoll watches are made’.

Ingersoll invented the first glow in the dark pocket watch called the Radiolite with a simple luminous dial. It was widely used in the First World War by tankers. Please go to the Radiolite Collection to view our range of watches that celebrate this great achievement.

Sir Alan Cobham flies the continent of Africa (23,000 miles) in 7 months stating that the only true reliable on-board clock was an Ingersoll.

One of the most iconic watches in US history is conceived when Robert H Ingersoll meets with Disney to obtain a license for a Mickey Mouse watch.

Gandhi praises the Ingersoll pocket watch for its precision timekeeping declaring it as one of his most valued possessions. It can be found at the New Delhi museum amongst his other minimal value possessions.

Walt Disney receives the 25-millionth Mickey Mouse Watch to celebrate its success. Please go to the Union Collection to view our range of watches that celebrate the great success of the Disney Ingersoll partnership.

Ingersoll celebrates 120 years of ground-breaking innovation and pioneering achievements in watch-making.

Brand relaunch: Ingersoll continues to maintain the ethos of the two brothers and are proud to present a new range of quality, precision timepieces.

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