About Us

Lab W Brand Story

Lab W is a premium destination for buying niche and designer watches in Hong Kong. We created  a retail brand marketing platform for micro brand to international brands to share their products, lifestyles, and brand values to all watch lovers.

From 2020, we expanded our retail business by developing our e-commerce, social media presence and experience stores. Creating an O2O platform to promote and sell products of niche styles. These platforms provide a marketing opportunity for upcoming watch brands. 

Many independent watch brands have  adopted mechanical movements into their collections, producing watches that are attainable to all. These watches focus on unique styles, eccentric designs, and detailed quality control to make sure that they are all one of a kind timepieces.

Lab Tourbillon is an exclusive watch platform to educate, promote, sell, and provide after-sales services of tourbillon watches at accessible prices to all watch lovers. Bringing together watches made with affordable tourbillon movements from all over the world, we aim to introduce tourbillon, the complex and precise watchmaking craft, to the public. Through tourbillon, we want to elevate the essence of horology, culture, craftmanship, art and creativity.


Lab Tourbillon Brand Story

Tourbillon is built like a supercar. With expert machinists, million-dollar equipment down to the precision of micrometer, the finest materials are transformed into the finest parts. Master watchmakers then add hours and hours of laser-focus and handcraft details to make just one tourbillon. To these elite horologists, a tourbillon is the superior of watches, a marvel of engineering, and therefore very expensive.

At Lab Tourbillon, we believe that such complex craftsmanship should be accessible to any watch lovers. Engaging in the watch distribution business for years, we get to know elite watchmakers who build tourbillon movements and discovered that a handful of tourbillon movements has gradually developed into reliable mechanics. 

All products sold by Lab W/Lab Tourbillon are 100% authentic.