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German silversmith Philip Wolf I created the company in 1834 when he discovered that his silver pieces sold more when presented in beautiful boxes. As he began selling more boxes than silver, he refocused his designs creating sophisticated jewellery cases which not only looked good but protect meaningful treasures, a practice we have perfected along the way.

The only image of the workshop and home of Philip Wolf I is in this painting. Hanau was in large part destroyed by British airstrikes in 1945. Home is where the heart is and certainly this is where the heart and soul of Philip developed and where the WOLF box story began.


A consummate fisherman and the person who started the Swedish Salmon & Trout Association, Philip Wolf III did some of his greatest thinking standing alone in the fresh running waters of rivers near his home. One day in 1957 he pierced his thumb with a hook. The barb on the hook made it difficult to extract but it gave him an idea for a new type of hinge. A hinge that would be pressed inside a slit cavity of a box, the long axis of the hinge would have “barbs”, like a hook, that would be pressed out from the side of the hinge. Push the hinge in and the barbs would lie flat, try to pull the hinge out and the barbs would catch and press into the walls of the wood slot, fixing them securely inside.

Philip Wolf III was awarded a patent for the design, it expired many years ago but the type of hinge he designed are still used today.


As leisure and business travel becomes a more frequent part of everyone’s life, Philip perceives a need for a watch roll that is compact, strong and practical. After studying sizes of watches and luggage that people travelled with at the time and many samples and prototypes later, the WOLF tubular constructed watch roll is born and quickly becomes a mainstay of WOLF’s traveling watch-care collection.

Years later this great design would be improved upon by the next generation…..

In good company 

WOLF’s Swedish and UK factories were now working with many major watch, jewellery and other brands. Tissot, Zodiac, Citizen, Omega, Certina, even making the coasters for Concorde. Brands that demand quality and great design came to WOLF.

 Today WOLF partners with numerous watch and jewellery brands providing them with 100% accurate watch winders and jewellery cases that protect jewellery from tarnishing. Innovating designs and making the impossible, possible.


The opening of the Rock offices, showroom and distribution center

After searching for over a year for the perfect location, WOLF selects “The Rock” for its European headquarters. Southwest of London near to Gatwick and Heathrow airports and in view of The Downs. 

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